Aerial Photography & Mapping

Imagine if you could capture incredible aerial photographs of your mining or drilling project without the traditional cost and logistics of helicopter based aerial photography. Archean Media employs the latest in UAV-UAS drones to capture drilling and mine sites as never seen before. Because we use unnamed semi-autonomous aerial systems, we can get closer and capture stunning aerial photographs at a fraction of the cost of helicopter based photography. We have flown on three continents and from the deserts to the jungle, producing images for annual reports and website updates for tire one mining and oil and gas companies across the globe. 

Whether we are photographing your project from a helicopter or a drone, our aerial services don't stop with 2D aerial photography. The Archean team has the ability to conduct aerial mapping, 3D modeling and volumetric calculations and can process the data onsite or on our server back with Archean. Taking to the air brings can produce images that stand out and bring your resource project into the forefront. 

For more information on Archean Media's aerial photography services in Australia or around the globe, feel free to reach our team at the contacts page below.