Annual Reports Media Photography

The landscape of resource exploration has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Projects that were previously deemed impossible have been made possible, and the industry has literally stretched the boundaries of what we think of as traditional exploration.

Over that same ten years, I have been part of one of the most dramatic shifts in resource exploration and production culture. Media has completely transformed the way that investors, perspective employees, and the general public view the entire industry. Gone are the days of text-only annual reports and low-resolution images shot by the leasehand on a point-and-shoot camera.

A younger generation of investors, CEOs, and board members are demanding a new standard of company presentation. This new face of exploration media sports a clear coat of stunning images, social-media updates, bold infographics, and captivating information.

Your annual report is your window to the investor and the client. Make it count with consulting from Archean Media. Archean Media provides teir-1 annual report consulting solutions for mining and petroleum exploration and production, and can shoot the full media content, from portraits to location. 

Read about the role Archean Media is playing in the development of resource media marketing in the Oil & Gas Magazine, at the following link.


In 2012 Archean Media traveled from Australia to the small spice islands of Indonesia. Archean Media was contracted by Robust Resources to produce a large fleet of photography to completely outfit their full annual report. Robust Resources would then go on to submit to a lucrative takeover deal. Our photography team was a small part of this lucrative gold mining exploration project. Our team of photographers, based here in Australia are available to support annual report photography for mining, drilling and oil and gas operations across Australia, Indonesia and around the globe.