Archean Media, Unlimited Copyright

Archean Media provides unlimited copyright for all media shot on project. Unlike the vast majority of photographers, we include all editing in our quoted day rate, unlimited copyright duplication access and copies of all processed and RAW data. We don't charge by the image or by the hour, we work on day rate plus approved logistics costs with no hidden fees. We ensure a 12 to 14 hour day and shoot as required. 

Trust your project to a team with the drilling, mining and production experience to ensure the quality and safety of your project. Message the team to find out more about how Archean Media stands out as Australia and Australasia's premier mining, drilling and production photographer. 
Mining and drilling photography on all Australian and international locations. South Australia, Northern Territory, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, ACT, Australian Optical Territory, New South Wales, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Canada, United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE.