Australia, Australasia

Perhaps no other location has provided the resource team at Archean such vast landscapes of exploration and photographic excellence. Archean Media had conducted mining and oil and gas drilling photography in every state and territory within Australia. From the gas fields of the Surat Basin in Queensland to the oil fields of Moomba in South Australia. You mining photography has taken us from Cooper Peady to greenfield tin exploration in New South Wales and onward to gold exploration and production in the extremely remote outback of Western Australia. 

During our expeditions we have taken in autonomous industrial exploration and landscape photography in nine deserts during all seasons. Australia has a tremendously unique and demanding environment and climate; a climate that requires remote exploration and production media work to be undertaken by a team with significant experience in these challenging conditions.  The Archean team is certified in remote vehicle maintenance, extreme heat stress management and desert four wheel drive exploration. When you're drilling in the middle of the Australian desert you certainly don't want dispatch a wedding photographer to capture shots for your project. Archean Media is Australia's premier mining and energy photographer. For more information on how our team is equipped to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of your resource project, click the contact link at the bottom of the page.