Canada, North America

The founder of Archean Media originated in the remote mineral, oil and gas rich mountains of Alberta, Canada. From the arctic to the mountains and into the plains, our team has operated across the full spectrum of drilling and mining environments; often in the extremes of winter, with temperatures dipping below -43°c. Canada holds some of the most challenging energy and mine site photography projects for our team. We have worked and photographed with Shell Energy at altitudes of over 2000 meters and recorded geophysics helicopter and energy drilling operations north of the Arctic Circle.

Archean Media pioneered mine site mapping in extremely cold conditions, developing innovative solutions to keeping UAV aircraft and camera equipment warm and operational under extreme weather and altitude conditions. Our proven experience can give your team the advantage in securing resource industrial photography for website updates annual reports and much more. Archean Media is available for energy and mining projects in Australia, and around the globe.