Exploration Photographer, Tony Morley

Tony Morley has spent the last decade working as an exploration and production QHSE manager and operating as a professional resource photographer. He is the author of fifty energy and mining articles across a dozen magazines and has shot for projects across fourteen countries.  Tony Morley currently holds a diploma in resource QHSE, a diploma in security operations and a certificate IV in training and assessment. The team here specialize in providing real time digital media solutions and imagery for website updates, annual reports and special media projects. Archean media operates the latest ground and aerial based imagery technology and can scale projects from remote operations in the deserts of Saudi Arabia to month long remote ground operations in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

As Archean Media's lead resource exploration photographer, Tony Morley has the multi-national expedition experience to ensure all aspects of operations, security, logistics, media and mapping for any project, on any terrain, anywhere in the globe. 


Tony Morley is currently based in Canberra, Australia and is available for immediate project deployment nationally and internationally. Fully bondable, medical, criminal and D&A cleared, with prior visa clearance in nine countries and residency permits in four countries; Tony Morley has the international experience to ensure swift and secure logistics processing. 

Mining and drilling photography on all Australian and international locations. South Australia, Northern Territory, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, ACT, Australian Optical Territory, New South Wales, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Canada, United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE.