Indonesia, Banda Sea

Exploring for minerals, oil and gas in the remote mountains of Indonesia requires a mining photographer with the skills and experience to operate autonomously under challenging environmental and security conditions. Archean Media has extensive experience providing oil and gas and mining photography in the remote regions of Indonesia and the Banda Sea. Our team has provided coverage for a number of junior and intermediate sized companies operating in the region. 

Indonesia has a unique set of challenges and rewards when it comes to providing mining and energy photography, from near 100% humidity to the complicated logistics and security considerations, Archean Media has been operating remotely and autonomously in the archipelago since early 2012. With instant visa clearance and streamlined drone and camera equipment logistics, our team can deploy to your project in 12 hours; providing critical ground based photography and aerial mapping and drone photography. 

We specialize in providing clients in the mining and oil and gas sector, with media for the development of marketing campaigns and annual reports. We can also produce high resolution aerial maps and 3D models in remote jungle environments with the use of light weight semi-autonomous drone aircraft.

Archean Media is the leading provider of oil and gas and mining photography for Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.