PIX4D Field Processing - Aerial Mapping

On demand field processing, for advanced results with low lead time. Archean Media provides infield processing and 3D modeling for rapid access to mining and oilfield aerial mapping data. Our team has developed a light-weight and mobile, full power processing server that can deploy to any location with a modest internet connection or 3G/4G capacity. Our Titan mobile server has traveled to the central deserts of Australia and the northern Arctic of Canada. Infield data processing is made possible by employing the GeForce GTX TITAN X Superclocked 12GB, one of the fastest accelerated GPU processing cards in the world. 

In field processing can allow for rapid site mapping and planning, whether mapping an oilfield, processing plant or mine site. Our team can produce results in as little as 12 hours, typically processing data collected during the day, through the server overnight. With onsite processing we can respond to greenfield drilling exploration or projects with urgent time sensitive mapping requirements. Talk to the Archean Team and see how we can provide stunning aerial mapping for your energy or resource project. 

Archean Media is based in Australian and available for field processing and mapping, nationally and internationally.