PIX4D Info

Pix4D mapper software automatically converts images taken by hand, by drone, or by plane, and delivers highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. Generate 3D models of mining and drilling operations and create Google Earth style overhead maps with unparalleled resolution. Archean Media can employ the use of <2kg aerial vehicles to capture your project as never seen before. 

Whether you're mapping earthquake damage in Nepal or developing a 3D model of your drilling rig or mine site, Archean media can provide a complete 3D modeling and aerial mapping solution. We employ

Create comprehensive pre-disturbance and post disturbance maps maps for environmental monitoring and gain a birds eye 3D visualization of your project. 

A digital 3D model with then allow measurement of space, volume, distance and can be use to produce an incredible video fly-through experience or images for use in annual reports or websites. To see how Archean Media is employing the latest 3D visualization tools follow the link to PIX4D. https://pix4d.com/