Qatar, Middle East

Qatar has some of the world's most photogenic oil fields, sweeping dunes and red stony outcrops. Archean Media had a photographer onsite photographing the worlds third largest gas field, the Al Shaheen Oil Field. This truly enormous field extends across the Gulf from Qatar to Iran, and contains an astounding 1,800 trillion cubic feet (51 trillion cubic metres) of in-situ hydrocarbon gas. 

Shell Energy struck a powerful pocket of gas in 1974 resulting in a blowout, this would be the first human contact with this tremendous gas field. The field itself, would, however, not be formally discovered until 1992 by oil and gas explorer Maersk Oil. Archean Media had a photographer based in the Gulf conducting oil and gas and industrial photography throughout Qatar and the Shaheen Oil Field. 

This country gifted our team with such stunning opportunities to take in unparalleled culture, food and the stunning landscapes provided by this unique environment.