Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Saudi Arabia provided the Archean Media photography team one of the most challenging exploration opportunities in the history of our operations. The team here at Archean Media has traveled and photographed oil and gas exploration and production throughout this stunning country. We captured stunning images, from Ras Tanura refinery, to drilling operations in the middle of Al Ghawar oilfield in Al-Ahsa, the largest single oil and gas field on earth.

While in country we operated totally autonomous, often traveling to extremely remote locations and producing a stunning anthropology and landscape images to complement our resource and industrial photography. Saudi Arabia also acted as a staging ground for oil and gas photography expeditions into Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and towards the boarders of Iraq and Yemen. The team was able to collect stunning drilling photography across a number of multi-national drilling rigs from around the world, all exploring for energy in this close and guarded country.